Guts L2 Skuish

Six jugs holds with anatomically rounded grip made from SKUISH material and method. Holds are suitable for beginning climbers or climbing in big overhang. Fastened with capheaded bolts M10.

Bolts are not included.

  • Suitable for beginning climbers or climbing in big overhang.
  • Super for therapeutic climbing.
  • Colour only Blue.
  • Logo “S” on each hold.
  • Nice Design.
  • Weight [g]: 2270
  • Max. surface slope: 60°
  • Grip: jug
  • Number of holds: 6 pcs/set No.: #S1355, #S1356, #S1358, #S1359, #S1361, #S1363
  • Montage: 6 pcs capheaded bolts 43x M10 x 40 mm, 2x M10 x 50 mm, 1x M10 x 60 mm. Tightening torque acting on the bolt fastening is recommended for maximum 40Nm.
  • Material: Polyurethane Skuish mixture

The texture doesn’t bite like hard climbing holds. It has a unique distribution of pressure across the hand. SKUISH is safe. Safe in so many ways. Safer if it’s dropped compared to hard holds. Safer for the skin. SKUISH is the best return on investment. SKUISH keeps you climbing longer. With your skin in better condition you can train your body for longer. SKUISH keeps looking good. Holds made from SKUISH look better than the other holds on your wall. Boot rubber can go in – but it can easily get out. SKUISH doesn’t waste your time. It is really fast to clean. Cleaning is often everyone’s least favourite task. But with Skuish it is done in no time. The flexible surface moves allowing dirt to come out easily. SKUISH has a looong lifespan. Skuish wears down slowly and a worn down skuish feels totally different to a worn down hard hold. Many years of life.



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