Five big jugs holds with with anatomically rounded grip. Holds are suitable for beginning climbers or climbing in big overhang. Fastened with capheaded or countersunk bolts M10 (dual system) and screws.

Bolts are not included.

  • Suitable for beginning climbers or climbing in big overhang..
  • Nice Design.
  • Weight [g]: 7500
  • Max. surface slope: 90°
  • Grip: big jug
  • Number of holds: 5 pcs/set No.: #1149, #1150, #1151, #1152, #1153
  • Montage: 5 pcs capheaded bolts 2x M10 x 60mm, 3x M10 x 70mm + 5pcs screws 5.0 x 40 mm Tightening torque acting on the bolt fastening is recommended for maximum 40Nm.
  • Material: Polyester mixture

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